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Global Evaluators (GE) specializes in international academic equivalency evaluations. We offer a variety of accurate, thorough, and timely evaluations of foreign education credentials to determine their U.S. equivalent. We focus on being easy to work with, accessible, and professional. We have offered our services to thousands of international students from around the world and developed working business relationships with American Universities. As a credential evaluation firm we are devoted to being attentive and helpful to our clients (universities and students) throughout the entire application process. As an educational transcript evaluation firm we are committed to being accessible - making the application process as easy on our clients as possible. GE holds itself to the highest standard when conducting every individual evaluation, and has spent the time in cultivating a strong track record of demonstrated excellence in the industry.


Global Evaluators mission is to enable academia students to advance their education by evaluating and helping in providing recognition for International Education credentials.


Global Evaluators vision is to remove obstacles in attaining International education through evaluation of International/Foreign education credential evaluation.

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Association of International Educators

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American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

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The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals

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National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals

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